That’s it. I quit my job. And I do not even have another job in the pipeline. In August I am unemployed and I don’t care. You might call me courageous, you might call me rebellious or you might call me extremely stupid. Either way it does not interest me.

I believe, we only have this limited time on earth where we don’t know if we die tomorrow or live for another 50, 60 years. Why spending this valuable time on earth with a job I hate? Why spending my time on earth moaning every day about my job? Counting the days every month until another month is in my LinkedIn profile? I won’t put all of my energy, my pride and life into a job I hate. Life must matter, beyond all the working and our doings. I cannot die before I haven’t lived my life the way I want to. Before I haven’t taken any chances. Before I haven’t seen the world and enjoyed working for the first time. I don’t expect a job to fulfill me. I expect a job where I like going to work, where I like getting up in the morning without being annoyed and stressed out.

With choosing this job, I did something that made me extremely unhappy: Choosing the comfortable way. I finished university and I got a job offer in the same department where I did my internship. I did not look around on the job market, I did not compare, I did not even look what possibilities I have. I just took the job and that was the mistake: Lesson learned: Never choose a job out of comfort.

I know 2 years sound better than 11 months in a job. But why are we always searching for reasons not to stop something that makes us extremely unhappy? Why are we wasting time?

“What loss is the most irrecoverable? Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.” (The Tudors, 4×10)

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