10 love/hate facts why I am vegan

  1. I love animals – There is nothing more to say. Every kind of animal is special
  2. I love people who think about what they are doing and eating. I like people who ask questions and who think about what they are doing and eating and what impact it might have on the environment and future
  3. I love people who don’t eat meat all the time.
  4. I love food industries which support being vegan – It’s now a lot easier being vegan than it was 5 or 10 years ago. However there is still room for improvement – More vegan products now!
  5. I love people who don’t ask stupid questions: Are you vegan because it is a trend at the moment? – Eh not but I also did not know that being stupid is a trend now.
  6. I hate meat – Seriously, the whole process of how meat is produced, with the whole blood and the dead pigs hanging around and the useless parts cut off really give me chills. To know that the cow or pig was alive just a few hours ago makes me feel awkward.
  7. I hate the fishing industry – Do you know how many animals die just because they were fished accidently? The beautiful sea life is dying – Just compare the numbers.
  8. I hate how animals are treated – The whole mass production, there is no justification. They have a very bad life. They don’t see daylight, they cannot move, they feel horrible. Animals also feel. What kind of world is that where we treat objects e.g. cars better than animals – where we use animals and care about things?
  9. I hate that everyone talks about pollution or climate change and nobody thinks of how animal agriculture is one of the main reasons of global warming. I hate that people want children and do nothing to improve the world.
  10. I hate people who save their money when it comes to eating – Nothing more to say. 6 Euro for cigarettes, but 1 Euro for chicken nuggets – What a crazy culinary preference – What a healthy lifestyle

Look up, look around, look at the big picture. Not responding is a response – we are equally responsible for what we don’t do.

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