The power of deadlines

I am a bad role model. Actually, I’m not a role model. I also do not want to be one. There is no reason why you would like to be one, right? What would that offer us? Power? The feeling of being above others? Acceptance?

I wanted to write an article why it is important to have deadlines and why this is important to keep a blog alive. Now, I have not kept my deadline and pushed it in front of me every day, plagued by a guilty conscience. But to whom do I owe it? To whom do I want to prove something? My few readers? My blog? Me? And now I’ve started to write an article because I owe it to myself. It’s selfish. And yet important. Rather, everyone should question why you do something and who wants you to do this. You are otherwise constantly pushed back and forth by people you may not even like. Do things to please others, although you do not feel like it.

I often felt that way. I still feel like it. I am 25 years old and I am glad that I have already come to terms with this way of thinking. Just consider the high burnout rate. Why are you doing what you are doing and how are you feeling while doing it? I ask myself this more often now. Instead of carrying out commands without blinking an eye. Instead of trying to please everyone. It feels good. I often get emails where I could literally flip out. Sometimes I would prefer to write “Who are you again?”, “Am I your dog, or what?”, “In Africa, millions of people live in poverty, but yes, I really see your topic as a huge problem.” Usually, I pull myself together, however, sometimes I clap briefly on my cheek, mumbling “It is healthier to wonder than to get annoyed”. I put on a smile and I write back with the sweetest vocabulary. My colleague said to me, after I went out of a conference call, two heads shorter and after a heat discussion: “It’s better to go with the flow, so you cannot go down.” I looked at her and answered, “Only dead fish are swimming with the flow.” She laughed and surely thought, “Professionals …”

I was thinking about it. I did not want it to affect me and yet it affected me. And no, my colleague was not right. You have to stand up for your ideas and values, no matter what the others mean. You can find a compromise, yes, but I do not avoid a discussion. I also hate it when others are literally throwing me out of a boat and then expect me to swim along in the cold water.

In the end everyone has to make their decisions for themselves.Do you prefer to swim along? Do you prefer to swim against? While stumbling, when the waves become big, you start to drown. You feel scared. Powerless. You are drowning. You start to struggle. Just one last breath. Until you appear again on the water surface. Coughing, tired, but happy.

Do you set deadlines because of yourself or because of work?
Deadlines – primarily they help me. I have a blog because I need to write, not because I like it. Because I want to get rid of what is bothering each one of us everyday.Maybe there are people who feel like me, maybe there are people I can get to see things from a different perspective. To consider our doing. Through deadlines you feel the pressure to do something.Maybe my German habit is playing a role here. The Germans like deadlines and, above all, meeting a deadline. I have set a deadline so that I do not lose sight of my topics. I do not use deadlines to regularly promote my blog. To get more readers. I set deadlines for my topics. For topics that affect me. For topics about which I need to write. And now I am back to the same point as a few weeks ago: I do not like writing, but my texts help me to remember what is important.

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