The Top 5 worst traveling quotes

5. Live a life you don’t need vacation from
Also an option: “Have a job, you don’t need vacation from”, Live with a man you don’t need vacation from” or in case of a failed vacation booking “Have a vacation you don’t need vacation from.

4. I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list
Should I just visit places where I’ve never been too? I am continously stalked by constant panic, that I am wasting my valuable time on earth. Rather unconstructed motivation boosts for traveling lists, which grow larger than smaller. Overbearing goals are good – and a new form of being stressed-out: the traveling burnout.

3. Traveling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself.
You do not learn anything when you go to Paris and look at the Eiffel Tower. Search on Google, if you want to see it. Sightseeing is not traveling. To dive into a culture requires more than staying in London for three days. You do not become different when you are abroad and go to Starbucks instead of a local coffee shop.

2.Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
You have to get that sense. It should mean that traveling makes you richer through experiences, impressions, getting to know different cultures and therefore, you grow. Gaining experiences is for free. How it is written is bugging me. First, traveling is not a thing. Second, you do not “buy” traveling. You buy the tickets, your sleeping bag etc. but not traveling. Third, the frase “it makes you richer”. Seriously, what experiences do not make you richer?

1. Life is a book and those who do not travel only read page one
This is one of my most hated travel quote because you don’t have to travel to enjoy life.
Too many of us think we have to travel because only that can enrich us. Live life and traveling is important. I get that. But tallying the world and not delving into the culture? Waiting until we are on vacation to appreciate life and nature?
Get up, go out and start living today. From home. Because traveling is not the solution how to manage to fill a book. Just read page one, but make page one so significant that you do not have to read another 500.


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